Revive International

Revive is a fantastic charity and the opportunity to work alongside them by designing their website and developing their brand identity was too good to turn down.

My goal was to create a visually striking website that allowed the story of Revive International to shine through. Revive International is a newly formed charity, so it was essential that I designed a site that enables visitors and potential supporters to have easy access to the objectives of the charity, to hear about its successes and to familiarise themselves with the story of how the charity came into existence.

The colour scheme of the logo matches that of the Brazilian flag and the outline the country sits nicely on top of the typeface. A great deal of time was spent choosing the perfect typeface for the project. I wanted it to be strong and powerful yet we were cautious to ensure that it not feel cold nor impersonal.

The irregularity and lack of straight lines in the final design enables the logo to stand tall and remain strong whilst avoiding feeling too corporate and polished.

I created multiple versions of the logo in both English and Portuguese.

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