Wadsley Church

I was asked to design a logo for Wadsley Church in the autumn of 2013. Ultimately the project came to nought, but I was very happy with the design so I thought it was worth including alongside the more complete work in my portfolio.

Whilst the kind folks at Wadsley Church were enjoyable to work with, the project itself was very difficult. A complex brief included the goal of incorporating the three imposing stained glass windows at the front of the church within the design.

I went through a huge amount of versions before I arrived at a design that I was happy with. A logo design will always consider many, many different ideas and often discard dozens of ideas at the early sketching stage. In this regard the Wadsley logo project was no different.

The logo in the end was comprised of a lovely, colourful icon stamp made up from a bright, joyful colour scheme and modern, professional type.



2embossed stamp Icon