Christ Church Ardsley

As a Christian myself, I do enjoy working with churches and find it easy to relate to their goals and to understand their inner workings. Christ Church Ardsley were aware of design work I’d done for other church groups and organisations, so they employed me to redesign their logo.

As much as I enjoy working for churches it can often be a frustrating experience when working on logos for them. Often the designs need to be voted on by a large committee (never ideal with design work). Also, the nature of a church is to appeal to everyone, from every walk of life – so it makes for an unusual design job to work for a client whose target audience is simply “everyone”.

That said, Christ Church Ardsley were wonderful to work with. They had great ideas and really helped the project come together.

The brief stated that the logo needed to appeal to both young and old, be clear and colourful, and also stand out from other church logos. The church was very interested in incorporating the theme of “a beacon on a hill” into the logo.

The final version of the logo is influenced by the beacon on a hill idea, also the Calvary cross and stained glass windows.