Medi–App is a personal project that I’m currently working on and it’s very dear to my heart. Whilst I cannot give you too many details about the actual app yet, I thought it might be fun to post a few work–in–progress images.

The Medi–App logo above all else had to feel approachable. It was important that I nail down the colour scheme and icon very early on and for that reason they are in a fit state to show off.

The icon itself, in addition to being part of the logo, is going to be used across the brand for a variety of purposes (web animations, app icons, etc). It uses the Medi–App colour scheme and the custom letter is based on a bolder version of the font used for the logotype (Nexa Light).

The negative space in the icon is also used to lightly hint at the medical cross.

The design work on the app is for the most part complete, but I will probably not be sharing much more information until the development work is under way.