I was employed to design the app icon for an upcoming iOS app called “UpNote”. It is a note–taking app with an up–swiping selling point. The brief stressed that the icon should be striking, be representative of the product, and match the existing colour scheme used for the app. I was also asked to create a simple launch screen.

A quick glance at the App Store for existing note–taking and productivity apps showed an over reliance on pencil icons and “check” marks. I wanted the UpNote icon to really stand out in the field; to be professional but also very beautiful. I was eager to avoid relying on the obvious choice of an arrow to represent “up”.

Fairly early on during the prep stages of the project I’d formed an idea of using an origami bird, as if to suggest the notepaper had formed itself into the creature and taken flight. After a few rough sketches and tinkering the final design began to take shape. I provided the client with a few options – a red bird on a cream background, or the reverse (a cream bird on a red background). I also provided an option where the cream bird sat atop an iOS7–style gradient.

In the end the client settled for the red bird atop a cream background and you can see the result below. All in all, it was an enjoyable project to work on and I look forward to seeing the final app once the client releases it.