Designer’s Resume Template

So, I’ve seen quite a few resumes of designers recently and they all seem to share a worrying trend – namely that they include cute graphics to represent just how skilled they are in a particular field. For example they might use 5 stars for HTML5 but only 3 stars for CSS3.

To be honest, calling it a “worrying trend” may be a little harsh. However, I come from a HR background and such limited (and ambiguous) detail would be off putting to me when looking at a resume. It’s all well and good if you’ve got 5 stars across the board, but anything less will appear as a negative to any prospective employer.

With that in mind I played around one morning with a CV design that stripped things back to the basics. Nice typography, a clean and professional layout, and a space for great content. The general idea is that you’d list your skills here and would use the accompanying cover letter and/or personal statement to thoroughly describe your level of competency in any particular skill set.

You can download the CV template at the bottom of the page. It is in .ai format and the fonts are Proxima Nova Regular & Light. I’ve also included an Open Sans version and a simple cover letter. You will need Adobe Illustrator in order to edit the resume.

No fonts are included in the download file, but there is a download link to get Open Sans for free in the ReadMe file and a link to the Proxima Nova store page over at Fontshop.

This Resume Template was recently featured in the Buzzfeed article, 27 Beautiful Resumes You’ll Want To Steal and Prismatic’s Tips For Creative Applications.


Purchase From Etsy for £3






You can purchase the resume template for the low price of £3 from Etsy

Purchase From Etsy for £3