Helen Lawrence Training

Helen is a published author, has a PhD and is an all round superb client.

The new website is all about great content. Inspirational quotes form strong headers for each page which help to focus the users attention whilst a very subtle colour palatte enables us to create maximum impact without the need to use distracting and overindulgent “design” flourishes. The result is a classic site with a contemporary and professional feel.

The new logo for Helen Lawrence Training was designed with the aim of breaking down the long brand name into the more managable “HLT”. The simplicity of the design helps increase memory recall of the logo whilst also drawing attention to the full brand name of Helen Lawrence Training.

Perhaps the website is best described by a quote from one of Helen’s associates upon visiting it for the first time: “That’s the sort of thing a website should be doing!”

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This work was done under the umbrella of Hoyland Web Design