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As I write this, my Carolyn sleeps soundly to my right. Houses and fields and trees blur past the window and the train glides and tilts round each gentle curve.

Four rowdy twenty-somethings sit across the aisle and power through a crate of Budweiser. It’s 10:00am for goodness sake.

I’ve been looking forward to this journey to London all week. It’s the perfect time to finish reading “The Bone Clocks” and to continue work on a couple of short stories that I’m writing.

I love to write. Please don’t take that to be a declaration of talent. I don’t write for others to read. I write simply because I love it. I can’t help but do it. It’s a compulsion. An addiction. An addiction that I can’t seem to, nor would I want to, kick to the curb.

Yesterday the Degree 53 design team attended the Design Manchester Core Festival Day. It was a great excuse for us to get out of the office and to spend some quality time together as a team. It was also fantastic to hear presentations from so many talented designers. One thing that stuck me was that even after decades in the industry, these giants of design still love what they do every day. That is something to which we should all strive; to love what we do more.

I do love my job. I talk about that A LOT. Today though, it’s my love of writing that will provide me with the most joy. Side projects and hobbies are vital to prevent creative block or disillusionment.

For me, few things can inspire, can melt and break hearts, can stir emotion and prompt tears quite like the written word. It can drive people to love, to rage, to rejoice and to dream. It can bring hope and it can bring joy.

Designers: do what you love and love what you do.

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