My Five Minutes of Fame


A little while ago I noticed that more and more of the projects appearing in my Bēhance feed were resume designs. As you’d expect with Bēhance or Dribbble; some of them were beautiful, some of them ugly, and others just plain weird.

However, design is not about making something pretty. Sure, aesthetics matter a great deal but design is about problem solving. A lot of these resumes, even the great looking ones, were creating more problems that they solved.

With that in mind one evening I put together a resume template, specifically aimed at designers, that I could give away for free. It’s a very simple and clean design. You’ll find no charts or “5 stars for Photoshop design” elements in it. Only a sensible layout, great typography and a clear visual hierarchy. Crucially, it’s designed to still look great even if your potential employer decides to print it out (this definitely will happen).

I can say confidently that the resume template has been very successful. It’s had thousands of downloads and I’ve received a lot of lovely messages from grateful users.

The number of downloads spiked massively this last week (as did visits to my website and Bēhance profile) and I could not figure out the reason.

I’m very proud to say that a couple of days ago I discovered that the design (along with 26 others) has been featured on a Buzzfeed article listing beautiful resume designs. I do not know how Buzzfeed found out about it, but it’s always nice for receive such wonderful feedback.

I’m working on a few other templates (including one for brand guidelines) that I hope to be able to show you soon.

You can read more about the resume template and download it over on Bēhance.

2 thoughts on “My Five Minutes of Fame

  1. Very cool! Congrats on the Buzzfeed feature! And I must agree with you, I’m not a fan of the resume with the let’s rate my design skills things either.

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