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I’m currently spending my evenings designing an iOS app. It’s a personal project so I’m having to squeeze in time between my paid client work. It’s proving to be a challenge, but a thoroughly enjoyable one and it’s incredible exciting and rewarding to see the app starting to take shape.

There have been two resources in particular that have been essential to the design process and I thought it may be of use to some of you if I share a little about them.

The first resource is Marvel App. I’ve been using it from the early days of its inception. Marvel is regularly updated with new features – in fact, gesture support was recently added! This application has been invaluable to me. I initially used it for my early sketches and wireframes. Marvel was the perfect tool to help me smooth out the rough edges and to identify potential problems at such an early stage.

Now that the design of my app is more complete, Marvel is functioning as a proper prototype tool and enabling me to test the app on a few model users. Marvel is free to use.

The second resource is Skala Preview. As soon as I started to pull my design together in Photoshop, Skala became a great help. Basically, I have the Mac app installed, and also the iOS app on my iPhone. Whatever I’m doing in Photoshop is mirrored to my iPhone screen. This means that I can view how the design looks on my iPhone in real time whilst I make adjustments in Photoshop. It’s also got a few accessibility tools (such as being able to see your app in the way that someone with colour blindness would).

There are many other great tools out there, and some that perform similar functions, but for me these two have been of immeasurable help.

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