Why I need to know your budget


Just like any other purchase you may make, employing a designer requires the exchange of money for services. For this reason, before your design project begins we’ll need to talk numbers. Obviously this can be an awkward conversation, which is why I’ve tried to help you by including a brief price guide below.

The main reason I need to know your budget is so that we can properly discuss what you can get for your money. My livelihood does not solely depend on me receiving a good wage from my clients, but also from having satisfied clients who will recommend me to their colleagues, and who will one day come back to me for their next design project (I’m pleased to say that this is a regular occurrence). None of that will happen if I don’t provide you with a great service at a competitive price point.

By knowing your budget I can help guide you through the initial stages of the project by discussing not only what you can get for your money, but by also steering you away from the more expensive options if they aren’t really needed.

Hopefully this price guide is of use to you. It’s not perfect or set in stone because each design project is unique, but it should give you a greater understanding of the process.

£2000 — £5000

This price bracket is ideal for new start-ups and very small businesses seeking to develop their brand. We will work together to shape your brand’s identity and to help establish it in your industry.

Price includes: Logo design files in a variety of formats and sizes. Up to two revisions and includes advice before, during, and after project completion. Brand guidelines are included.

£5000 – £8000

This mid–level price bracket is ideal for small/medium sized businesses. Whether you are a new company or an established business seeking a rebrand, we’ll work together to ensure that your brand successfully resonates with your target audience.

Price includes: Logo design files in a variety of formats and sizes, post rollout support, competitor research, up to three design revisions, bespoke brand guidelines. This price bracket also includes three print–ready business card designs.


This high level price bracket aimed at large companies that have an established brand presence and are seeking a rebrand. By working closely alongside you, we’ll overhaul, or refine, your brand identity ensure that your ethos and personality are successfully conveyed to your target audience.

Price includes: Logo files in a variety of formats, exploration of multiple logo ideas and styles, up to five design revisions, bespoke brand identity usage guidelines. Letterhead, comp slip and business card designs. Extended post rollout support.

Stationery Design: £250

For £250 you will receive print–ready business card designs, letterhead designs, envelope designs and complimentary slip designs. The designs can be personalised for up to five employees at no extra cost. If more than five employees require their own personalised stationery there will be a small additional fee.

This does not include the cost of printing but I can recommend a printer and can even deal directly with the printer on your behalf if so required.

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